Golf – Boys

Metamora Township High School Boys Golf Team

Who is eligible to participate?

All freshmen through senior boys are eligible to try out for the golf team. Members of the team are then based on tryouts at the beginning of the season, and then cuts are made to the top 14 average scores.

What are some program highlights and costs to student?
The golf team focuses on all of the aspects of the game of golf. This game of integrity is one that is played where you are your own rules committee. A knowledge of the rules of golf is required as a member of the golf team. It is a game that you are truly playing against the golf course as well as playing to help your team win. The MTHS boys golf team has a rich tradition of success and we strive each year to compete at a high level, win conference championships, win regional championships, and work towards earning a berth as a team to the State tournament. The only cost to the players is that each player needs their own set of golf clubs. We try to keep other expenses paid for through our yearly fundraisers.

When is the typical season/camps/practices?
Golf season is from the middle of August until the second or third week in October. We have practice everyday from 2:30 until 5:00 p.m. on days that there is not a match. Camps or play dates will be made available to interested players at the end of the school year prior to summer break. There can be anywhere from 1 to 4 matches or tournaments a week for Varsity players on the golf team.

Where do we meet?
Practice and home matches are played at Metamora Fields in Metamora, IL. We have a wonderful relationship with the golf course, and we work with them to assist in needs that they have in terms of the picking up range balls, replacing and filling divots, etc. Potential places of play are Coyote Creek Golf Course, Weaver Ridge Golf Course, The Eastwood Golf Course (Streator), Donovan Golf Course, Pine Lakes Golf Course, Lick Creek Golf Course, Fair Lakes Golf Course, Wee-Ma-Tuk Country Club, and Quail Meadows Golf Course, as well as other courses throughout Central Illinois.

Why should students want to be involved?
Being involved with the golf team provides an opportunity to better your golf game and compete at a very high level with top area players in the Central Illinois area. It also is a great way to build relationships with your teammates and be noticed for possible future scholarships at the college level. Golf is a game that helps to build one’s character, as it is a sport that tests both your physical and mental abilities and allows you to be the game official as you learn the rules of the game.

How does a person go about getting involved and who is the contact person?
Contact the high school athletic department for more information about becoming a member of the MTHS boys golf team.


2021 MTHS Boys Golf Team

Connor Akins … 09

Logan Ayers09

Carson Barb12

Caleb Bennett12

Tyce Bucy09

Noah Engle09

Zach Greening … 12

Jaxon Hicks11

Ryan Kenyon11

Ethan Krei10

Tyler Lankston … 12

Tyler Loftus09

Liam McAllister … 12

Jarod Oderwald12

Calvin Renz11

Keegan Renz09

Ryan Tellor09

Josh Westercamp … 11

Hunter Whitaker10

Players should report to Metamora Fields by 8:00 am Thursday (August 12, 2021) for practice / Match vs Richwoods. Wear your black polo. Players that have not yet received a polo will be issued a shirt at The Fields.



Brockhouse, Mike
Head Coach