Golf – Girls

Golf – Girls

Golf – Girls

Who is eligible to belong in your sport/activity?  Any girl that is a student at MTHS.

What do we do and how much does it cost?   We compete at the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. Student must have their own cleats and are responsible for their own shoes, gloves, etc. The school furnishes some golf balls and pays for all green fees during the season.

When is the typical season/camps/practices?  The competitive season starts the second week of August and finishes the second week of October. Fourteen regular matches, four tournaments plus state series.

Where do you meet/practice?  Our home course is Metamora Fields and we play at some of the host area courses during the season.

Why should students want to be involved?  Golf is a great sport for young ladies that teaches many life lessons and a sport that can be played and enjoyed your whole life.

How does a person go about getting involved?  Who is the coach/sponsor and how does someone contact him/her? Contact Chuck Danner at