Personal Counseling

Counselors at MTHS are fortunate to have administrative support in offering personal counseling services for our students. As certified counselors, we are  available to assist students in a crisis situation as well as provide teens with  appropriate life skills to deal with daily stresses. Students are encouraged to talk with counselors if they are having struggles with peers, school related issues, and situations at home.

We believe in involving parents when possible; however, if family counseling is recommended, we will refer to an outside agency as time prohibits us from  offering this service. We will continue working with the student throughout the family counseling. In addition, if extensive individual counseling is  required students may be encouraged to seek additional services outside of the school.

In addition to individual counseling, we offer group-counseling services dealing with various issues. Students should contact the guidance office for more information.  If you have concerns regarding a student’s well being please inform the counseling staff. For questions call the guidance office at (309) 367-4151