Speech Team – Forensics



Who – Who is eligible to belong

What – Definition of the activity, program highlights, any costs to student

When – When is the typical season/camps/practices

Where – Location, room number, potential offsite areas

Why – Why should students want to be involved

How – How does a person go about getting involved, contact person

The MTHS Forensics Team (speech team), with both novice and varsity divisions was formed in 1989. It is IHSA sanctioned and participates at the Regional, Sectional, and State tournaments. Students may join the team through the month of November, and they do not have to participate in every tournament. This is the perfect activity for students wanting to improve their acting and public speaking skills. Even if a student is in a sport, it is possible to participate on the team.

It is suggested that all competitors choose at least two events in which to compete, because only two competitors at a tournament may be entered in any one event. If you have any questions about the team, please email Mr. Blackburn.


Speech Individual Events
A brief description of the events according to the IHSA sanctioned speech competition.
Speech Team Guidelines
Basic rules for our team and some indication of the coaches expectations.
Speech Team Member Information Sheet
Member information.  Please fill out and return to Mrs. Morris.


Morris, Tina
Faculty Advisor