German Dancers

German Dancers


Who – To be a member of the Metamora Edelweiss Schuhplattler a student must be in good academic standing and willing to attend the practices.

What – Dance troupe members perform a sampling of German folk dances. The highlight of the year is the MTHS German Fest (click on pictures). We have performed at numerous Oktoberfest and other celebrations in the Peoria area. We once performed as far away as Chicago.

When – Our practice times are flexible. We try to avoid the major conflicts of the members of the troupe. Our practices may be after school, in the evenings, or over the weekend.

Where – We practice at the high school.

Why – Besides the opportunity to learn the dances well enough to perform them in front of crowds, students have the opportunity to socialize with students of similar interests.

How – Anyone interested in becoming a dancer should contact Mr. Bachfischer in room 116.