Honors American Literature

American Literature

What a great subject! I love teaching Honors American Literature. I have tried to select the most interesting literary pieces I can find – the ones that truly show the development of American thought, philosophy, and society from our founding to the present. Since I am, at heart, a bit of a history buff, I have incorporated into the class quite a bit of history in an effort to help students link literary genres with the times in which they were created. Not only does this approach help students remember when things were written, but it also helps them to understand WHY they were written – WHY Americans chose to write as they did in a given year/period.

In addition to reading short stories and poems and studying the literary history of the U.S.A., we will also spend time practicing how to write a research paper, buffing up on our grammar skills, and reading novels and plays, some of which have modern ideas and themes.

In the Honors class, we cover all of the skills covered in the regular classes, but at a faster pace and with extra attention paid of deeper analysis of literature and history. We read fast and we write a lot!

If you need to contact me for any reason, please do so using email: ahicks@mths.us.