Humanities I & II


I LOVE teaching this class!! Humanities is the closest class to my bachelor’s degree, and I feel SO LUCKY to be able to teach it!!! My college experience and my life were changed by being able to study abroad for a semester of college. I spent the first semester of my Senior year living and attending college in Athens, Greece.  From there I was able to travel to Turkey and Egypt.  Since then, my husband and I have traveled to Italy with students several times (there is another trip open for students in JUNE of 2017 – this time to Britain and Paris!  I will take another trip to Italy in June of 2018. If you are interested, see ME for information!).  I love being a part of inspiring students to understand their place in the world, widen their world view, experience foreign travel and cultures, and fall in love with a subject they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

As far as the content of the class goes, we will be asking ourselves about why we are the way we are – why do we, as Westerners, do what we do, think what we think, like what we like? How and where did we get our conceptions of justice, beauty, honesty, loyalty, and faith? What about our art, our architecture, and our scientific methods?

We’ll discuss art, architecture, cultural mores, philosophy, literature, travel, politics, ancient languages…the list goes on and on…this class is for thinkers!