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Principles of Engineering

Principles of Engineering Course Background

Project Lead The Way

This class is one of the courses in the Project Lead The Way program.  PLTW is a national inititive that has developed classes to encourage interest in the technology careers that will be abundant in the 21st century.  For more information about this program see the MTHS Project Lead The Way Website link at the bottom of this page.

Opportunities for Girls in PLTW

Many girls across the nation have been realizing their interests through the Project Lead The Way program.  The PLTW link at the bottom of this site will direct you to more information about how Girls have attained success in Project Lead The Way classes.

Principles of Engineering Class Information

Principles of Engineering (POE) is designed to be a survey course that gives students insight into numerous engineering technology fields to help them determine particular interests for future pursuits. Although this course takes an engineering perspective, it is by no means only for future engineers.  Many careers of the 21st century are going to demand the technology and teamwork principles that emanate from the POE class.  Several projects in this course include the following:

  • Class competitions in developing compound machines to perform given challenges

  • The ever popular recycling machine project

  • Designing trusses for competition

  • Designing electrical circuits

  • Determining trajectories through ballistic device development

Class Projects

Class Files