Project Lead The Way: Digital Electronics


Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics Course Background

Project Lead The Way

This class is one of the courses in the Project Lead The Way program.  PLTW is a national inititive that has developed classes to encourage interest in the technology careers that will be abundant in the 21st century.  For more information about this program see the MTHS Project Lead The Way Website link at the bottom of this page.

Digital Electronics Class Information:

The second course in the Project Lead The Way sequence is Digital Electronics. As the world continues to become more reliant upon electronics, knowledge of Digital Electronics will continue to be more valuable in the workforce. Students in Digital Electronics learn the circuitry that is utilized to build basic computer processors. To accomplish this, students build a number of computer simulated and live circuits through the school year. One example control circuit that students build is a voting machine where there is a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. While each of these members have a vote, the circuit that the students build will cause a light to go on if there is a majority vote. Likewise, if there is a tie vote, the president will have the overriding vote. The Digital Electronics course concludes the school year with students programming BOE Bot microprocessors/ robots to perform various class competitions.

Opportunities for Girls in PLTW

Many girls across the nation have been realizing their interests through the Project Lead The Way program.  The PLTW link at the bottom of this site will direct you to more information about how Girls have attained success in Project Lead The Way classes.

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