Pass Fail Option Agreement - Sem 1

Semester 1 - Pass/Fail Option Agreements

Any junior or senior may take up to a total of one elective class per semester OR one elective double period class for one semester as PASS/FAIL per year with the following stipulations:

1. Courses designated as required for graduation, or courses designated by any department as not available for the PASS/FAIL option may not be taken as such. 2. Any student taking a course PASS/FAIL must have first completed the graduation requirements for courses in that department or be concurrently enrolled in a required class.

3. Credit only will be awarded for a pass in this course. There will be no grade calculated in the student's grade point average (GPA) for this course. If a student takes a class Pass/Fail, and earns a D- or better, a “P”(PASS) goes on the transcript. The “P” does not affect the student’s GPA in any way. If a student takes a class Pass/Fail and earns an F, a “NC”(no credit) goes on the transcript. This NC does not affect the student’s GPA in any way.

4. The student is required to complete all papers/projects/tests/quizzes for this course. 

5. AP Classes CAN be taken as PASS/FAIL. Any Dual Credit class CAN be taken as PASS/FAIL for MTHS, but the original letter grade will be sent to ICC and appear on the ICC transcript.

Any student wishing to take a course PASS/FAIL must notify guidance of his/her intentions within the time period noted at the bottom of this sheet. This must be done with the formal agreement signed by the student, parent and a guidance counselor. The grade will not be changed to Pass/Fail until after the end of the grading period. This will enable the parents to see the actual grade earned. This procedure must be repeated each semester a PASS/FAIL elective is chosen. 

2023-2024 Semester 1 Pass/Fail Agreement Form